I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing Kirstin’s bookkeeping services for the past year. Not only has she taken my company in a more organized direction but has also managed to help me budget my personal accounts as well. As a business owner it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. I am a trained therapist but have no bookkeeping or business background so hiring a bookkeeper was a must for me. I did not realize how much went into the bookkeeping and accounting side of the business and was making mistakes that cost me time and money until Kirstin came on board. She was able to clean things up for me and help me understand how to Better allocate funds to my company.  She is very available for questions and you will never feel as if you were being judged by your lack of knowledge (or lack of funds!). I truly feel that my bottom line has increased because she is a part of my team. She has enabled me to concentrate on my clients and leave the back work to someone who knows what they’re doing. Artistic healings is truly blessed to have Kirstin on our team!

Stephanie O’Sullivan
Artistic Healings Hypnosis, Madison


 I approached Superior Business solutions because I was drowning in a financial nightmare that was getting more horrific by the moment.

Superior business Solutions helped me by spending time assuring me that I was in good hands with a great software product at a great rate and services that I could afford.

The result was a clean accounting system that is verifiable and reliable. I could trust that our taxes would be filed by our accountant on time.

One thing I liked was their honest, trusty worthy and competent owner and staff. They care about the customer’s needs and are willing to go the extra mile.

I found the experience took away my anxiety over balancing the books. They are right there for me when I need anything. I enjoy their energy and willingness to find the right solution to the most complicated problem.

I would recommend Superior Business Solutions to people who need help making their organization financially solvent and transparent.


Ann Tramontana-Veno

Executive Director

Hope After Loss, Inc., New Haven